innards​/​two knights split

by innards, two knights

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released June 20, 2011

innards is leo herrera, thomas rabon, justin cooley, and jonny riecke
two knights is miles debruin and parker lawson
i think a cool dude named corey recorded the innards tracks(?)
a cool dude named ryan schefsky recorded the two knights tracks
all the songs were mixed and mastered by chris french
this may come out on 7 inch soon. who knows?



all rights reserved


Two Knights Denton, Texas

hey, alright


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Track Name: innards - brain
pressure points hit throughout the day. anxiety pushing me away. where do i go from here? seven to four, five days a week getting me nowhere stuck in this bind, yet i do nothing of it. repeating in my mind. it's been 3 years and counting, still clocking in. well, at least I'm content for the time being now.
Track Name: innards - chumpchange
regrets from the days that have passed us by. reavaluating each moment with strong clarity. the harder you try the more you lose. never content with what you have. needing more weight to carry is what drags you down. but in time you'll reach the point of complete exhaustion.
Track Name: two knights - thomas rabon: rydel high class president
i know there's something wrong when i can't sleep. i'm always alone because you are just out of my reach. i want you all to myself. this is a good dream for all the wrong reasons. i know that i won't see you again. the ground is reflective, we're driving on mirrors. our broken homes and blood-stained clothes won't make us men. you won't fool me again.
Track Name: two knights - what would zooey deschanel do?
i feel safer with my eyes closed, because when i open them i hate what i see. all of you are as fake as me, but that's just how we get by. who is to blame? we're all the same. we are the ones to blame for making ourselves so plain. on a scale of 1-10, how much do you hate me? you're the only reason to stay alive.