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A Lot of Bad Things Have Happened, but We're Still Here

by Two Knights

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I know I let you down but all of the things I said, I meant every single word. I need you to be around to give me a sense of worth, because I am nothing without you, but you deserve so much better.
That look on your face makes me feel like everyone would be happier if I ended it long ago like I planned. We used to be so much closer, but I’m just too unbearable to be around. I finally found a place for myself that actually makes me want to stay alive, and now I can lift my head and look you in the eye. (I know you’ll always be around). I always catch myself thinking, “damnit, I wish my friends were here.” Maybe I’m not such a failure.
Do yourself a favor and never let go. Oh my god, I’ve seen what happens to people like me they lose everything. Don’t let good things waste away. I almost lost you. I won’t do that again. I’m tired of fucking up.
We lost touch and I blame myself for that, and I’m sorry that I tried too hard. I just wanted this to happen. I write stupid words to try and make you understand, but you won’t listen. I’ve let everyone see how vulnerable I am, but they won’t listen. No one listens. I just wanted you know that all of this was for you.
I’m full of weakness. There’s no use in protecting myself from you. I try my best to stay away. But when’s my best ever good enough? I guess I’ll be alone, like everyone had thought, because the idea of commitment scares me a lot. I’m sorry that I’m so scared. I’m worthless.
I just want to make you happy, but I know that I’m probably not your first choice. Maybe I’m not the one who’s supposed to make you feel better about yourself, but all I know is that if I got the chance then I would do my best to make you realize that you shouldn't be alone.
There have always been situations I don’t do well in, but you made me feel like I had something to offer. I don’t think I’m ready to be alone again. I wish you would stay, because you mean so much to me, but I know this is what you want, and I love you so I’ll just let go.


10" record available to buy at count your lucky stars' webstore.

released in july 2013 by count your lucky stars records (www.cylsrecords.com)

recorded and mixed by michael briggs of civil recording (civilrecording.com)

mastered by carl saff

two knights is miles debruin and parker lawson


released August 3, 2013


all rights reserved



Two Knights Denton, Texas

hey, alright

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